As a Fund Manager, iPAR enhances communication of your fund-level Impact Strategy and Impact Performance. Creating and managing your funds is the foundation of this process, which we have designed to provide portfolio-level insights to Investors while at the same time ensuring Fund Managers receive the credit they are due for impact outcomes.

In this Getting Started Tutorial, you will learn the basics of fund creation, setup, and iPAR Verification.

Private until Published: any and all new fund information is initially Private, meaning viewable/accessible only to those who can log in to your Fund Manager account. Once you complete the fund setup and iPAR administrators verify the fund, then your fund is "Published" and visible on the platform.

Create a New Fund

When you sign in as a new manager, you will see the Manager Overview screen, which we often refer to as your Manager Dashboard. (To log in, click here.) 

If you have not done so already, you should first edit your manager information using the left column button "Edit Manager Info." 

Next, start the process of adding a new fund by clicking the "Add Fund" button or blue area.

BONUS TIP: Your "Manager Info" becomes contact information in the iPAR Fund Directory (both publicly and behind a login for Advisors and Investors). If someone is interested in learning more about your fund(s), this is the contact information he or she will use. 

dashboard for a new fund manager account

"Save" and Setup "Fund Information"

Once you are on the initial setup page for a "New Fund," at a minimum, you will need to enter a "Fund Name" and choose an "iPAR Asset Class" to continue. Click "Save" once you have done this.

Adding a new fund to iPAR is a straightforward process that involves entering your fund information in four sections:

  1. Overview (click here for knowledge base article)
  2. Heat Map (click here for knowledge base article)
  3. Metrics (click here for knowledge base article)
  4. Geography (click here for knowledge base article)

Click on each section now to understand the underlying information covered. Do try entering and saving some content within each section. 

As a next step, you should read through the articles for each section and learn how to correctly enter fund information. 

"iPAR Verification Checklist" and Fund Status Messages

You probably noticed a checklist at the top of your fund setup pages. This list acts as a guide to help you complete setup and have your fund become Verified and Published on the iPAR platform. Verification is a straightforward administrative process ensuring the initial information is complete and follows iPAR communication best practices. Moreover, a fund will then be Published to the platform for others to access and view the information.

iPAR Verification: you can learn more about Verification via this article.

Once you complete the four Fund Information sections, you will see a button to request iPAR Verification and publishing. 

Beyond iPAR Verification: Report Publishing

One verified and published, you can create quarterly fund reports that are easy to distribute to your LPs and potential investors. See this article to get started with iPAR Reports.