In this article, you will learn how to manage Overview Information for both new and existing funds.

Private until Published: any and all new fund information is initially Private, meaning viewable/accessible only to those who can log in to your Fund Manager account. Once you complete the fund setup and iPAR administrators verify the fund, then your fund is "Published" and visible on the platform.

About Fund "Overview Information"

The Overview section contains the following fields:

  • Fund Name (required) - Enter the full name for your fund.
  • iPAR Asset Class (required) - Choose the asset class that best represents the investment strategy and type of investments made in the fund.
  • Impact Summary - One or more paragraphs that describe the investment strategy of your fund, particularly regarding how your strategy will drive impact and how you choose to measure and report on the impact your investments will have.
  • Highlights - Up to three succinct bullet points highlighting essential impact-oriented aspects of your fund, investment strategy, and reporting approach.

Accessing a Fund's Overview Information

If you have not already done so, add a new fund to iPAR by clicking the "Add Fund" button from your Fund Manager Dashboard. Otherwise, select an existing fund.

a new manager account dashboard

You will be taken to the Add Fund page, where you can enter or update the Overview Information.

Overview Information Page and Setup

overview information setup for a new fund

The image above shows the Overview page and all fields. For new funds, you begin at the "Edit" view. For existing funds, you'll need to click the "Edit" button in the top right corner.

Once you have entered information, click "Save" to add the fund (for new funds) or update an existing fund. When in the process of creating a new fund, "Cancel" will take you back to the Fund Overview page. 

After saving the information, you will see the display version of your fund's Overview information as well as the iPAR Verification Checklist that helps track your progress as you enter your fund details. 

Bonus Tip: Hover your mouse over the blue "i" circles to learn more fund verification and publishing.

view of the overview information once "saved"

If you need to make changes to your fund's Overview information, click the "Edit" button in the upper right corner.

Next Step: Fund Heat Map Setup

To continue, click "Heat Map" in the left-hand "Fund Information" menu and follow along via this article.