In this article, you will learn how to share Published iPAR Impact Reports.

Before you start: only published reports can be shared as everything on iPAR is private until published. If you have not done so already, first learn how to create a basic draft report and then learn what it means to publish a report. Alternatively, if you have yet to complete the initial fund setup, you should get started here.

WARNING -- What is Published cannot be Un-Published: in this tutorial, we assume you have created and published a report. However, do know that if you choose to publish a report, you cannot unpublish or delete it once published.

An Overview: Who can see a published report?

By default, only users with access to your account can view published reports...

By default (and applicable to most funds), a published report is still only visible to users with login access to your account. So nothing automatically happens when a report is published. However, you are now able to share the report manually using the tools we describe below.

...unless there is a preexisting relationship between your iPAR account and an Advisor's account.

There is an exception to the above: if you have an existing relationship with an Advisor on iPAR, or an LP via an Advisor, published reports *ARE* automatically pushed to those individuals and firms. This is the only case where published reports are automatically shared, which happens when there is an existing relationship on the iPAR Platform between accounts.

The iPAR LP Portal: a Better Way to Manage and Publish Impact Reports

The LP Portal is a paid feature allowing management of LP Users and LP access to reports through a secure login. Details and instructions are not covered in this article. If you are interested in learning more, see this article.

Manually Share Published Reports: "Settings"

From your Reporting dashboard (select the "Reporting" link from the left column menu), select the "Settings" button next to the Published Report you would like to share.


There are two sections to notice: "Share Secure URL" and "Report Password."

Make sure you know the report password. If needed, click the "Show" button to view. 

Resetting the Password: you can reset the password at any time. However, do know this will effectively block access for anyone who attempts to access the report using the previous password.

Copy the "Secure URL"

Once you have the password, you should copy the "Secure URL" link provided starting with "https://reports..." This link behaves similarly to Google Doc links -- anyone who uses this link (and has the password) will be able to access and view the published report.

For now, just click on the link to view the behavior.

After clicking the link, your browser will open a new tab and prompt for the password.

Enter the password and, presto, the report is displayed!

Share with Anyone, Anytime

The "Share URL" process provides you with manual control of access to published reports. Specific report links are perpetual and, as long as the password remains unchanged, individuals can access a report immediately or anytime in the future.

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