The LP Portal provides LPs their very own iPAR dashboard login and access to historical fund reports. You can manage LP users, grant individual access to impact reports, and automate report notifications via email.

This article covers report publishing notifications, view access logs, friendly reminders, and anonymous LP report feedback.

The LP Portal is a paid feature included in our Premium plan for Fund Managers. All new accounts come with a 14-day trial. If you are interested in a demo or have questions about upgrading your account, please contact us.

The following steps will show you how simple it is to notify all LPs when a new report is published and, additionally, send one-off reminders for those who have not viewed a recent report. To use these features, you must first create LP users.

Notify all LPs by Email when you Publish a Report

If you haven not done so, you should create a new draft report. Select the report and then navigate to the report's "Settings" tab.

There is a new option to "Notify all LPs." Within the "Publish" section, you will see an option to send a bulk email notification to all your LPs at the same time you publish a report. Below this section, you will also see a list of all LPs granted access to the fund and their corresponding status.

When you select "Publish," an email notification will be sent to all registered LPs, and the report will be immediately accessible via the LP Portal.

WARNING: "Publishing" is irreversible. Please do not publish a report you do not need. However, you can "delete" draft reports that are unneeded.

Access Logs and Friendly Reminders

After publishing a report, from the report's "Settings" you can now view and manage LP status.

  • See who has viewed the report (and when).
  • Send one-off reminders when needed.

Anonymous LP Report Feedback

After LPs view a report, they have an opportunity to provide feedback by responding to the question, "How helpful is this report?". When three or more LPs provide feedback, you will see the report's aggregate feedback rating.